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Untyped Pages 

Untyped Pages is available now!

What if spending 24 hours with a stranger on the other side of the world changed everything?


Melbourne-based court reporter Isobel meets an enigmatic journalist at a law and journalism event in London. Unlucky-in-love Isobel thinks she’s going to have a one-night stand with the handsome stranger and never see him again, but the night takes them to unexpected places. There’s a connection between them but only a tiny problem: they live 16,000 kilometres apart. Isobel steps on the plane back home, determined to forget about the stranger, until a case she’s reporting on sends her back to the other side of the globe.


Can a seemingly charming European town have poisoned roots and people with murderous intentions?


Overnight Isobel is thrown into a world of murder, corruption and nefarious dealings, which she must navigate while trying to figure out her feelings for the man she’s started to fall for.  

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