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Lusciously Lethal Law

Twenty-eight-year-old Melbourne lawyer Ashley Grey has her share of problem clients. On some days Ashley represents a father going through a mid-life crisis in custody proceedings and on other days she rescues an Eastern European migrant from mutilating his neighbour for walking through a rose patch.  In between, Ashley is trying to progress her law career and meet a nice normal guy she can go on a date with.

Ashley also has to deal with family drama in the Grey household: her little sister has just moved in after a broken engagement, her father is acting suspicious and Ashley is finding herself constantly sidestepping potential love interests her mother is trying to set her up with.

Just when matters couldn’t get more hectic in law land, enter the botanist.

‘I think they’re going to charge me and I don’t know what to do. You see, I’m innocent, I didn’t do it.’ Professor Boudassou pleads with Ashley to take on his case. ‘The police see me as a suspect in my wife’s murder.’

Ashley easily determines that Professor Boudassou is telling the truth and agrees to help him. But things become worse when all forensic evidence indicates he is the killer. Ashley immerses herself in the case and intends to prove the botany professor’s innocence. However, investigating prominent members of the legal profession is not an easy task and Ashley’s determination is tested when she is thrown into a world of corruption and scandalous affairs.

Ashley finds solace in her partner in crime, best friend and fellow lawyer Sophie Labelle. Sophie is a budding human rights lawyer stuck in the role of insurance litigator. She works for an erratic boss who regularly fails to turn up to meetings or court, and can frequently be found in the staff kitchen eating Coco Pops and Baileys for breakfast.

Amidst the chaos of dodging dates organised by her mother, Ashley must work out how she really feels about her friend and fellow lawyer Stefan Anderson.

Ashley is committed to the acquittal of the botany professor but may not like what she discovers along the way. Nothing is certain except that law can be lusciously lethal.

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