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When she is not riding camels or training her pet chameleon (this part may not be true), Tina is busy being a lawyer-turned-legal-academic (this part is true). While completing her 100,000 word PhD thesis in law, unbeknownst to her supervisors, Tina wrote a 70,000 word fiction novel in her spare time! Her favourite writing places include Melbourne's cafes, whisky bars and trams.

The inspiration for Lusciously Lethal Law came from Tina’s work in family law which served as the source of inspiration for quirky fictional characters. Add in a mystery plot and a sprinkle of romance and you have Tina’s first attempt at fiction writing! 

Tina is often occupied writing journal articles and feeding her imaginary pet chameleon Pedro, but is also brainstorming her next fiction novel so watch this space. When she’s not writing, Tina enjoys training for the Olympics and honing her acting skills to secure a nomination for the Academy Awards. Coincidentally, Tina is known to exaggerate some of her skills and abilities. 

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