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Lawyerly Yours 

Lawyerly Yours is out now! 

What happens when the one that got away returns… and needs your legal help with a divorce?

Adeline Cardelli was a wide-eyed teenager when Adalric broke her heart. But now, a decade later, Adeline is perfectly happy. Truly. She’s the youngest senior associate in a Melbourne law firm, with a loving fiancé, a fabulous assistant, and a gorgeous rock on her ring finger. If she plays her cards right, she will be promoted to partner in no time. Until Adalric walks into the firm and interrupts her perfectly happy life with a legal dilemma – he needs a divorce lawyer and the boss wants Adeline to represent him.

Adeline reluctantly agrees. She’s determined she’ll complete the paperwork and finalise the divorce quickly and she won’t have to deal with the mesmerising blast-from-the-past for much longer. Everything will be fine.

As Adeline works with Adalric, she discovers that things rarely go according to plan. Before she knows it, she’s drawn into a world of wineries and adventure she never could have anticipated. Will the one that got away break her plans or break her heart?

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