Lusciously Lethal Law: A 'delicious read'!

Tina Popa’s debut novel Lusciously Lethal Law is a delicious read set in Melbourne’s very own Law Precinct. Once you enter the chaotic and glamorous world of Ashley Grey you will not be able to put the book down! You will fall in love with Ashley and her best friends Sophie and Stefan and they immerse themselves in Melbourne’s trendy hot-spots and get into all sorts of amusing situations that will make you laugh and cheer.

Lusciously Lethal Law is a fantastically written novel that intertwines chick-lit with legal expertise, as well as a thrilling “who-did-it” murder-plot that will keep you guessing until the very end. The inspiring protagonist Ashley Grey reminds us that despite all odds, it is important to follow your heart and fight for what’s right.

This book had me hooked from the first sentence. My train rides into work every day were so entertaining as I engrossed myself in the world of Ashley Grey. This book will make you laugh, bite your nails in anticipation and keep you wanting more long after final page has been turned.

I cannot wait for Tina Popa’s next novel!


- Larissa Iglesias, February 2017

Lusciously Lethal Law: Love, life and the law

Ashley Grey is a 20-something year old trying to navigate love, life and the law. Tina Popa’s vivid and effervescent style jumps the sometimes twee characters from the hustle and bustle of Melbourne’s high-end centre to the burgeoning melodramas of inner suburbia.

From the out of touch and mortifying parents, to the deeply heartbroken and eat-your-feelings Sex and the City watching younger sister, the audience feels rapport with Ashley’s fabulously flawed and precious family.

No character is spared as Popa’s delicious humour and irony conjures a feeling directed at Ashley’s clients in ‘Oh no you didn’t!’ moments, as they find themselves in hot water and bemusing situations time and time again. A client’s entire Macedonian family celebrating a win in court with a tipple of brandy and another client kidnapping his children for a camping adventure in the park are amongst some of the many highlights.   

And who can forget the high-class fashion?  The excitement and pizazz of the young female lawyers’ sartorial choices are to be admired. What these woman struggle for in love is made up for by their ability to always put a fashionable foot forward. They are tactful earners, they make money on their terms and know how to spend it! And why not? The sumptuous offering into Ashley’s exquisite beauty box, the Prada purses, Yves Saint Laurent lipstick and the array of glitzy designer gowns interspersed throughout is to be celebrated.

Popa’s debut novel captures the imagination as the author is richly emotive and illuminating in taking us there, from the fashion hub of Collins St to Melbourne’s law district. Her expressive writing and fine attention to detail is to be highly commended. She maintains our attention by boldly exercising restraint, whilst we eagerly move undulating, to trace her resounding purpose.

Whilst the protagonist faces many challenges in life, love and the law, one thing that Lusciously Lethal Law reminds us of is that we can always rely on good friends and great fashion!

- Adelaide McLeod, January 2017

Disclaimer:  This is merely a book review of Tina Popa’s Lusciously Lethal Law. This book review is written by Adelaide McLeod and I acknowledge that the opinions are my own. Any material relied on from the book, Lusciously Lethal Law, in this book review belongs exclusively to Tina Popa. All content, rights and materials belong to Tina Popa.